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Commonly Asked Questions

My Gate opening is bigger than five feet. Is there a solution using E-Z Fit Gate Kit?

Yes. If you order two gate kits, your driveway opening can be from six foot up to ten foot. You will need a drop rod for the center and two sets of hinges.

Can I use a two rail gate for a five foot high fence?

The two rail kit is designed to give the best results on shorter fences (like 3' or 4' high picket fences). On 5' and 6' fences a three rail kit will give better support and prevent sag.

My existing gate has two hinges. Do you recommend two or three hinges for a six foot high fence?

Hinges help prevent your gate from sagging. If your fence has three rails, or is six foot high, we recommend three hinges, just like your front door. If your fence is only three or four foot high, use a two rail gate kit with two hinges. Our hinges are sold individually, not in pairs like the hardware stores. Buy only what you need.

What hinge is the best for my gate?

The "T" hinge works best if your gate is attached directly to the post. A strap hinge  is best used when your rails align and you can attach to the E-Z Fit Gate Kit to the horizontal runners on your fence. Box hinges are for installation on the inside and give no decorative or ornamental look to the fence. 

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